Managing Pain and Coexisting Addictive Disorders: Using the Addiction-Free Pain Management® System
This book looks at the two major initial obstacles to effective treatment: (1) The Denial system. If patients don't know they have a problem it can be extremely difficult to help them find a solution. I discuss how to help a patient work through their denial in order for treatment to be effective; (2) Depression and the feeling of hopelessness. I address the specific needs of this under-served population and how to more effectively help them heal.

You will learn that once these initial obstacles are identified and patients become motivated, you can then implement a multidisciplinary treatment plan that requires a three part approach: (a) A medication management plan—that is developed in consultation with an addiction medicine specialist; (b) A cognitive-behavioral treatment plan—that addresses the psychological (cognitive and emotional) components of pain and supports changing the resultant self-defeating behaviors; and (c) A non-pharmacological pain management plan—that includes a tool box of safer chemical-free ways to manage chronic pain and pain flare ups.

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