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Terence T. Gorski

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Addiction-Free Pain Management®

Chronic pain management is a serious health crisis facing the world today. In fact in June 2011 the Institute of Medicine (IOM) stated that the cost of chronic pain management in the United States alone today is over $635 Billion per year in direct medical costs and lost productivity. When you combine that with a person undergoing chronic pain management who is also experiencing other co-existing disorders such as addiction to prescription pain medication, then the problem reaches even more epidemic proportions. Every week on the news or in the media there are reports on the problematic use and/or abuse of prescription drugs used in the treatment of chronic pain. The numbers of people impacted are staggering.

To learn more, please check out my video Chronic Pain as an Epidemic from a 2011 Institute of Medicine Report. Unfortunately, the research numbers don't come close to capturing the cost of the human pain and suffering experienced by those individuals whose pain condition is either under-treated or mistreated. Throughout my career I have seen many people relapse and some even die as a result of problems with their chronic pain management, addiction, and other coexisting medical and psychological disorders. As someone who has lived with chronic pain for many years and has worked professionally with this population over the past 29 years, I have been committed to developing a treatment solution to address it.

In 1996, building upon my clinical experience and research, I conceptualized the Addiction Pain Syndrome™. To learn more about this syndrome and how it came about, check out my video Freedom from Suffering with the Addiction Pain Syndrome.

About that same time I also began collaborating with Terence T. Gorski and the Gorski-CENAPS® Corporation to develop the Addiction-Free Pain Management® System. The APM™ Treatment System is based in part on the Gorski-CENAPS® Developmental model of recovery. It also includes the best practice standards reported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) along with the leading chronic pain management research.

On your left you'll see a picture of Mr. Gorski with an audio recording of what he has to say about the APM™ System and our work together. His expertise and committment to APM™ has been invaluable. You can also go to the Gorski-CENAPS® Website to learn more about Mr. Gorski and the Gorski-CENAPS® Corporation. Also, please check out the revised Relapse Prevention Therapy Workbook below that Terence T. Gorski co-authored with me to learn more about this workbook that is designed to help clients identify and manage early warning signs related to personality and lifestyle problems.

During the course of my training and consultation work with almost twenty thousand healthcare professionals and therapists at more than 200 training seminars in key cities across the United States and Canada, I have consistently heard how challenging it is for clinicians and treatment programs to help patients manage a chronic pain condition. One of the major factors for mismanaged chronic pain is the failure to recognize and address coexisting disorders. One of the most common coexisting disorders is depression. To learn more about depression and how to manage it, please review my video Five Tips for Managing Depression for Freedom from Suffering.

On our Publications Page you can see the books and modules I've developed in order to help both clinicians and their patients who live with complex chronic pain conditions to develop effective chronic pain management plans. Below are the other books I recommend as a place to start for your consideration. Please click on the photo to get more information or to order your copy.

Managing Pain Recovery Guide Freedom From Suffering

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